Furkan Kavlak

Furkan Kavlak

Freelance Developer

Web / Mobile / Desktop

Hello, I'm Furkan Kavlak!

I started software development as a hobby in 2006 when I was 12 years old. I was just a kid back then, but computers have always been a fascinating interest for me. I first started creating simple websites and games. Within a few years, this hobby turned into a passion for me, and I started to constantly improve myself in computer programming.

In high school, I participated in two IT competitions and earn great success in both. In the first competition, I won second place in İzmir, and in the second I was awarded first place in the world. These achievements have been a great source of motivation for me and have encouraged me to reach even higher goals in software development.

I studied Software Engineering at the Izmir University of Economics. I combined the theoretical knowledge I learned at university with my practical skills and became even more skilled in developing high-quality software. When I was in my first year of university, I started to work as a freelance software developer and have been working as an active freelancer ever since.

I develop Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and Desktop Apps. I'm also an expert in server administration. I'm constantly improving myself, and I'm eager to learn new technologies. I'm constantly improving myself and following the latest technologies. In this way, I can always offer my customers the best and cutting-edge solutions.

I also attach importance to teamwork and cooperation in my projects. I work with my coworkers to produce creative, innovative, and original solutions.

So far, I have developed software for many startups and large companies. I do business in Turkiye and Europe. I customize my work to my client's needs and offer solutions to assist them to make their businesses more effectively. I provide the highest quality service to my customers and always prioritize customer satisfaction in my work. I ensure that my customers are satisfied with the service they receive and the resulting product.

It is my passion to produce solutions according to the needs of my customers. Each of my clients has different needs and expectations, and I develop different approaches to meet those needs. I stay in touch with my customers not only during the software development process but also after the completion of the projects, and I'm always ready to help.

In a nutshell, I'm a talented and experienced freelance software developer who is passionate about software development. I always do my best to serve my clients at the highest quality and complete their projects successfully. By bringing a new perspective to the sector, I make great efforts to meet the expectations of my customers at the highest level.

Apart from these, I develop small applications, tools, and websites as a hobby. You can also find them on the Apps page and the Portfolio page as interspersed.