Social Network for Athletes

BeeSportive is an app for fitness enthusiasts to connect with other athletes, join sports groups, and create or attend Beevents worldwide. Get active, meet new people, and live healthier with BeeSportive!

Are you looking for someone to play tennis with? Or do you need 3 more people to set up your basketball team? Or do you want to meet with fellow yoginis to do yoga every Sunday? If your answer is yes, BeeSportive is the right place for you!

Beesportive connects you with other athletes who are tired of working out alone. With the app you can meet with athletes or find sports groups that suits your level and interest.

How it works? It is super easy!

Create a Beevent by specifying time, place and your level of experience or join Beevents that have been created by other users in dozens of sports categories all over the world. Be motivated to do sports, meet new people and open the doors to a healthy life.

Download BeeSportive now for a new world where you can take great steps towards a healthy life by doing sports while at the same time being social!