2022 - Present


Valet, Parking & Washing Management

Digitalize your valet, parking, and car wash businesses with BUVALE! The one-stop solution for easy vehicle registration, vehicle tracking, SMS notifications, and secure delivery.

In today's rapidly evolving business world, vehicle management poses a significant challenge for many businesses, including restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, hotels, and even parking and car wash services. BUVALE is a comprehensive mobile application specifically designed to address this issue, offering vehicle management, tracking, and customer information services to businesses that offer valet, parking, and car washing services. This innovative platform is tailored to simplify the processes of vehicle registration, tracking, and customer communication for businesses. It enables you to easily manage every operation from vehicle registration to delivery, and from customer notification to reporting, all from a single platform.

User-Friendly Vehicle Registration and Management:
Registering a vehicle with BUVALE is incredibly easy. Thanks to license plate recognition technology, vehicle plates are automatically scanned with your device's camera, phone numbers are automatically filled in if there are existing records, and the information is quickly saved into the system. This feature saves businesses time and enhances customer satisfaction. Additionally, you can add notes to vehicles and document and store the current condition of a vehicle by taking photos at the time of its receipt.

Integrated Solutions for Valet, Parking, and Car Wash Services:
BUVALE is designed to meet all the needs of your business. It offers special features and processes for valet services, parking management, and car washing services, enhancing your service quality through automatic SMS notifications containing a link that allows your customers to track the status of their vehicles and request preparation.

Enhanced Communication for Increased Customer Satisfaction:
Vehicle owners can request the preparation of their vehicles through the sent link, track the vehicle status, and be informed by an SMS when their vehicle is ready. This process enriches the customer experience and maximizes customer satisfaction for your business.

Improved Service Charges and Easy Payment Collection:
Manage your financial transactions seamlessly. Our enhanced service charging feature simplifies payment processes and automatically calculates service fees, making your business's financial management more efficient.

Detailed Financial Reporting:
Monitor your business's financial status in real-time. Our detailed financial reporting feature provides a wide range of information, from charges for services provided to vehicles, collected payments, applied discounts, additional charges, and received tips. This enables you to manage your revenues and collections more effectively and continuously monitor your business's financial performance.

Careful and Secure with Detailed Vehicle Registration:
The ability to add photos to vehicle records allows for detailed documentation of the vehicle's condition upon receipt and delivery. These photos serve as evidence to protect your business in any potential situation, such as damage claims, preventing disputes between vehicle owners and businesses, enhancing trust, and highlighting your business's transparency and professionalism. BUVALE not only maximizes operational efficiency but also customer relations and security.

Safe and Fast Delivery:
A delivery code sent to vehicle owners ensures the secure delivery of vehicles. This system prevents vehicles from being delivered to the wrong individuals, increasing your business's reliability.

Management of Multiple Businesses:
BUVALE is ideal for users who want to manage multiple businesses. You can manage multiple locations from a single account and easily follow all operations through a centralized system.

Detailed Reporting and Analysis:
Vehicle delivery reports enable you to evaluate your business's performance. By generating detailed reports with date ranges and user filters, you can enhance the efficiency of your business.

Advanced Service Evaluation Feature:
Prioritize customer satisfaction. With our advanced service evaluation feature, you can directly receive feedback from your customers, continuously improving your service quality. Real-time feedback from your customers enables your business to respond more quickly and effectively to customer needs.

Instant Updates and Continuous Connection:
A continuous connection is maintained between the web interface used by vehicle owners and the application without the need to refresh the page. This strengthens the communication between the business and the vehicle owner, ensuring the process runs smoothly.

Night and Day Theme Options:
Personalize your user experience even further. BUVALE now offers night and day theme options that adapt to your needs at any time of the day. Whether it's night or day, you can adjust your application interface to match your working hours and preferences, offering a comfortable user experience without straining your eyes.

BUVALE provides a complete solution for businesses offering valet service, parking management, and car washing services. Digitize your business with BUVALE, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize operational efficiency. Take your business to the next level and offer your customers an unforgettable experience by downloading BUVALE now!