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Geyik Mekan

Geyik Mekan

Discount Verification App

The Geyik Mekan application allows businesses to verify the discount codes created by Geyik Life and apply the defined discount.

Geyik Mekan is an application developed for use by businesses affiliated with Geyik Life. Businesses can scan the QR code shown by the customer on the app to determine the amount of discount to be applied and verify the validity of the discount code. With Geyik Mekan, businesses can easily offer discounts to Geyik Life users and attract more customers.

Geyik Mekan provides a convenient and efficient way for businesses to offer discounts to Geyik Life users. The app simplifies the process of verifying discount codes and ensures that only valid codes are accepted. By partnering with Geyik Life, businesses can tap into a large and active community of university students who are eager to take advantage of discounts and deals.

For Geyik Life users, the app provides a seamless way to access discounts and promotions from participating businesses. Users simply need to present the QR code generated by the app to the business, and the discount will be applied automatically. This eliminates the need for physical coupons or discount codes, making the process more convenient and environmentally friendly.

Overall, Geyik Mekan helps to strengthen the relationship between Geyik Life and affiliated businesses, creating a win-win situation for both parties. Businesses benefit from increased exposure and foot traffic, while Geyik Life users enjoy exclusive discounts and deals from their favorite local establishments.