Pati Kapında

Pati Kapında

Pati Kapında

E-commerce Marketplace

Pati Kapında is a marketplace that brings together pet product sellers and pet owners.

Our pawed friends are the only friends in our lives who live with us and have a material / moral commitment to us. In order to reinforce and support this friendship, as Pati Kapında, we have taken responsibility for all our pets and pawed friends trying to survive on the street and our sustainable business and assistance model; We implemented it in 2022 with the aim of creating the most economical conditions for our friends in our homes and the most sustainable conditions for our friends in front of our homes.

Our goal is; For our friends on the street and in nature, by providing the most economical product supply to you and our pet friends with the low commission rates we provide to our sellers, and by sharing the profits from these purchases with the Pati Kapında Association; To build an association that is transparent, sustainable and creates its own economy without the need for donations.

In cooperation with the Pati Kapında Association and, which feeds it economically; We aim to meet the shelter, nutrition and all necessary medical needs of our friends on the streets. While doing this, without demanding an extra fee or donation from our customers; on the contrary, it is our primary priority to offer more affordable prices.

While meeting all the needs of your lovely friends at the most affordable prices, to help our friends who need your support in every product you buy; In short, we are waiting for you at Pati Gate to make both sides of your door happy.

For more information about the Pati Kapında Association and to review our activities, you can visit