Social Network App for College Life

Stucial allows students to share their course schedules, find their friends who share the same lesson break, and chat with other students in the same class in a class group or by private message. It allows them to view and join events and chat through events chat groups. At the same time, with the membership system for student clubs, they can become members of clubs and chat in club-specific chat groups. In short, it is an application that carries university life to mobile.

University life will never be the same again!
You will find the solution to all the lack of communication and stalking in campus life with Stucial.
For now, only at Ege University and the Izmir University of Economics..

with Stucial;
Have easy access to the syllabus
You can follow your friends' lesson plans.
You will be able to see people in the same class as you or even in the classroom and message from the class group.
Will be able to see who else is idle between classes
You will be able to be informed about the events at your university and who is attending those events and even communicate with the participants.
You can follow the student clubs you are a member of and chat in the club.
You can easily access to course content and notes

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